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Commercial ironers

Commercial Cylinder Heated Drying Ironers, 1400 - 3200 mm length

The range of Commercial Ironers was design for demanding customers who are in need of high quality products which can get under long operation cyclus. This laundry equipment was designed to withstand very hard working conditions and long turns.

Portfolio of commercial ironers is spread to:

  • LSR line
  • LSRP/LSRA line
  • LSREP line
  • ICLI line

High quality commercial ironers are equipped by durable ironing belts, 20 pre-set ironing programmes and indication of ironing speed and temperature.
To satisfy customers needs, the cylinder heated drying ironers have also posibility to install them against the wall to save space in laundry room.

Safety when operating laundry equipment is secured by safety finger protection and emergency button.

Commercial Cylinder Heated Drying Ironers is possible to connect to electric, gas or steam heating depending on possibilities of customers.