10 reasons why choose Lavamac

1. wide range of industrial laundry equipment

 2. reliability and long life-cycle

3. customer services

4. quality iso 9001certified

5. heavy duty construction

6. environmentally friendly

7. worldwide presence

8. easy service

9. modern control systems

10. coin-operated


All the machines for laundries are carefully tested with linen to make sure that all Lavamac products meet the highest quality standards.

About the company

In the last few years, Lavamac has acquired a position as one of the big market players as a manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment.
During the past couple of years, this market has known a strong evolution by which the market has moved from selling washing machines, dryers and ironers to offering laundry concepts and “solutions”.

Through an extended range of laundry equipment products connected to a strong know-how, Lavamac has taken the advantage of this market tendency, through which we can be considered as one of the trendsetters in the field of  manufacturers of industrial laundry equipment.




Thanks to a team of more than 30 engineers, Lavamac is able to develop the necessary laundry products on a pro-active basis and with lots of flexibility. This happens in close consultation with the clients.

Our international engineering team is working every day on innovations which are making the laundry more efficient, user- and eco- friendly.

You can find these unique technologies in our machines: